Welcome to Doll Dreams Inc. and "Little Dreams Collection"!

We are located on the gulf coast of beautiful Florida. Our business was created in 2004 when we were just bringing European dolls to the USA. Being a native of Deutschland (that's Germany for those of you keeping score) has granted me access to many lovely dolls that foreigners might find more difficult to obtain due to language barriers. Our business grew very big and very fast. We are the first shop in the USA to offer our customers a doll-kit, which was received with large fan-fare by the reborning community.

Working together with Puppen-Traumland in Germany we united to form our new branch, " Little Dreams Collection". The amount of research and work involved in this venture was truly daunting. In 2006 we launched our first collector doll which was made in China. Although those dolls were fine, we were eager to not just provide another doll to our customers, we wanted to give them something new and exciting. We ended up finding an excellent manufacturer in my homeland of Germany and we couldn't be happier. I'm very proud to say that we are now working with the best artists the dolly world has to offer. Our heartfelt thanks to all you talented ladies out there. We hope to continue to provide you with new and exciting products all the time.

Thank you,

Linda & Robert